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  2. Vote:6.2

  3. Quality:DVD

  4. Category: Comedy, Drama, Romance

  5. Starring:Vaughan Sheffield, Christian Patterson, Lisa Perry, Sam Worthington

  6. Director:Dein Perry

Storyline: Born charmer Sean Okden gave up tapdancing when he started working in the steel mill, but as thats going down the hill he grabs his chance being the only candidate in his coastal Australian home town Newcastle selected for a Sidney show. Being sacked soon just for a row with the arrogant lead dancer, he returns to find his girlfriend in bed with his brother Mitchell, and decides to start his own tapdance group wearing hardhats, which he soon gives an original edge when the steel mill inspires him to weld metal on their shoes and dance on industrial steel, so it the metallic acoustics fit well with a local rock group. Financing their local debut is so expensive, even when the mill allows them free us of its premises opening some acrobatic perspectives while even his father wont allow him to touch his mothers inheritance for the project, that the Bootmen need to steal the cheerleaders podium in a televised sports match to get media attention. Sean generously helps his brother ...