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May 2002 Full Movie

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  2. Vote:6.7

  3. Quality:DVD

  4. Category: Drama, Horror, Thriller

  5. Starring:Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto, Anna Faris, James Duval

  6. Director:Lucky McKee

Storyline: When May was a child, she was a lonely girl with a lazy eye and without any friends except a weird and ugly doll kept in a glass case given by her bizarre mother on her birthday. May becomes a lonely, weird young woman, working in an animal hospital and assisting the veterinarian in surgeries and sewing operated animals most of the time. Her lesbian colleague Polly has a sort of attraction for her. When the shy May meets the mechanic Adam Stubbs, she loves his hands and has a crush on him. They date, but the weirdness and bizarre behavior of May pushes Adam away from her. Alone, May has a brief affair with Polly, but she feels rejected again when her colleague meets Ambrosia. When her doll is accidentally broken, the deranged May decides to build a friend for her, using the best parts her acquaintances can offer